Our mission is to love

If I may say, it has been very hard to express an opinion over what has been the center of discussions to several conversations: the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases.

It has been hard because everyone has something to say. Most people see this issue and say, “It doesn’t pertain to me”, “it’s not an issue in this country”, hide their opinion in fear of the comments and replies to it, or simply do not have sufficient information of both sides before taking a stance on one.

Yesterday afternoon, in the midst of Finals Week, my University gathered together as one to organize, pray, and participate in a rally and die-in. And as we all lay on the floor of the university in silence for 4 1/2 minutes, I could not help but pray to God for all the people involved in these situations.

I prayed for Mike Brown’s and Eric Garner’s family. That they may continue to seek comfort in God despite all this hurt that they have been through.

I prayed for the people standing against police brutality and police abuse. I prayed that they may not revert to violence and have social justice in mind. I prayed that their judgment may not become fogged by the way they portray all police officers to be due to all that the media is reporting.

And believe it or not, I prayed for the police departments over the entire country. I prayed for them because most of them are now living in fear. I prayed that they too find a way to love others before taking drastic actions towards alleged criminals.

I prayed for all of the people involved and all the people who are afraid to be involved. I prayed that someday we may live in a world where we do not fear authority but can co-live with them in a non racist community.

And at the last of those four and a half minutes, I thanked God. I thanked Him for giving me a community that supports social justice. I thanked Him for giving us the strength to stand together. I thanked Him because even when we feel alone in this world full of hate and violence, we have Him to lean on and guide us.


“I will always find you..”

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected from God. Whether it’s the sleep deprivation, the hours on the bus/train, the hours learning and studying, I find myself continuously feeling spiritually empty. For a couple of weeks at a time I didn’t go to my church, didn’t attend my women’s bible study group, and I avoided any contact with people who would remind me of my disconnection from God.

That sounds very upsetting, believe me, I know. I felt guilty not putting God before everything in my life. I know that if I actually took the time to make Him my priority, my issues would not have overtaken my decisions and attitudes. And even though I knew that it was important to put God above all else, I couldn’t find myself to do it. I didn’t know how.

I am a ‘Once Upon a Time’ fan. I am not quite caught up with the season that is airing but I am still a fan. What I always find the most beautiful and inspiring within the seasons is the relationship of Prince Charming and Snow White. They are two characters that end up falling in love, TRUE LOVE, and devote themselves to each other. But because their love is powerful, people jealous of this love try their hardest to separate the two. And each time that both Prince Charming and Snow White get separated they tell each other,

“I will always find you.”

The awesome thing about Prince Charming and Snow White, is that they do always find one another. But that right there is in it and of itself a very powerful sentence. It’s implying dedication, love, loyalty, everything and anything that represents the relationship we have with God.

The thing is, yes, I have felt disconnected, but not once have I felt as though He wasn’t there. I knew He was, I just wasn’t making the effort. Each and every time that I drifted from His path, He would find me and would guide me back towards Him. I was just so afraid, and sometimes still am now to seek Him once I know I have wronged Him.

1 Corinthians 16:23 (The Message) reads,

 Our Master Jesus has his arms wide open for you.

Jesus is our shepherd. For Him, it does not matter how many times we drift. Each and every time, He will seek us as we should be seeking Him in our daily lives; always believing and relying that God will find us.