Not an only child

I really don’t know how some people have the impression that I am an only child. Perhaps I don’t talk about my family enough. Or perhaps I assume that people know I have a big family.

I am the second out of five children. I have an older sister, that to my personal opinion, can be too much to handle. A sister, a best friend, a year younger than I am now. A brother that has begun his adolescence era. And another sister that, at the age of 10, has discovered that laziness is hard to fight against.

In the featured picture, you can see my siblings. We stand in the order of how we were born, the oldest being on the left. I’m second standing and from the looks of the picture, I am annoyed. When we bought these shirts I never envisioned us actually wearing them together much less in a public area. We were in an airport picking some of my cousins up and my parents thought it would be great to greet them with our one big happy family. Embarrassed, I unzipped my sweater to reveal a shirt with the BIG BOLD words “Thing 2” across the front. We posed and my parents took the picture.

I must admit that for some time I had wished I was the only child. I saw them lucky, imagining a world where I would be spoiled to death with toys, games, love and everything. Not saying that I don’t receive anything now but I always envisioned a much more personal connection to everyone around me if I were an only child.

In my room, doing nothing, I imagine this very intimate world of me, myself and I. But then my youngest sister comes in, with the Ipad streaming Good Luck Charlie followed by my sister, a year younger than me, looking through my closet in search of a good outfit.

That is usually the moment when I stop and think, do I really want to be alone in a big home while my parents work? And even if they were home, would it be the same playing with them than people my age?

I am happy I am not an only child. I’m happy that I have siblings, that I have someone to fight with, to argue with and at the end of the day, that I have someone to love with. See because the best thing about being a sister to all my siblings, is that they will always be there for me as I will be there for them. That’s what being siblings are all about. When we can tell each other secrets, promising to each other that we won’t tell our parents that we got a boyfriend or got a tattoo, (my older sister is legal). We would be there for each other when one of us has a bully in school or is struggling with math.

Of course, I will always find a reason to dislike my siblings every day, just like that day at the airport. But there are days such as today that make me happy to live in a loud and crowded home. Wherever they live or are, will be my home.