CTA not so fast

Coming home from school, I took the brown line and transferred over to the Orange Line. It was an uneventful day to be honest, until of course the orange line train toward Midway stopped on Halsted train station and refused to shut its doors and move. The train conductor got on the intercom and announced that the train had experienced technical difficulties and all passengers had to get off. After making sure that every passenger was off, the conductor got on the train and left, with several people standing on the platform waiting impatiently in the cold for the next train.

Traveling an hour is something that I do every single day. Most of the time though, the train that I travel on stops momentarily and continues to travel at its average speed of 55 mph, according to a topic on ChicagoBus.org. But as I stood in the platform waiting for the next train I just couldn’t help but think what it would be like to get home in less than an hour.

China, since 2007, has implemented the new electromagnetic (maglev) trains. And when looking at the perks of the maglev trains, it seems it is exactly what Chicago needs!

The maglev train carts hover about 0.4 to about 4 inches above the ground. No friction!

Because the maglev trains are not in contact with the ground, there is no fossil fuel used thus much more power efficient and eco friendly than any others.

And because the only noise coming from the maglev trains is displaced air, the trains are less noisy than that of commuter trains.

This is all due to a combination of magnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion.

Despite this unusual train’s design, I wondered, why on Earth, does Chicago not have this? The maglev trains travel twice as much as the fastest Amtrak’s commuter train. It goes up to around 310 mph! I would never have to complain about transportation ever again if Chicago had the maglev trains.

But of course, this is not something that the Chicago Transit Authority is interested in doing. Or at least not now. But they should at least consider the fact that Chicago transportation needs a “face lift”. Chicago, one of the first places to introduce commuter trains for passengers, has now lacked the ability to upgrade its technology to what the world is already used too seeing.

And while this change, this technology, is at the back of every commuter’s head, I will find things to do in the hour long ride from my school to my house.


Females = Males, not <

Malala Yousafzai. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the iron lady. Angela Merkel. These women are just a few of many other women that have made an impact in the world that we live in.

But of course, the question is asked, are they taken serious in their position because of their gender?

In today’s society, women seem to be downgraded just because of their gender. Media is the most powerful communication and yet the media portrays women in a poor manner. All that society does is criticize women.

Women don’t seem to be skinny ENOUGH. The only thing that society seems to identify them is by calling women emotional, fat, and hysterical. They are degraded so low that women are considered ‘doormats’.

Women are not defined by man’s standards. Women should not be defined by beauty and by their body. It has come to the point in the society where women resort to make up and dieting to keep the media’s and men’s attention.

Less clothes seems to be what the audience wants. Miley Cyrus is just one recent celebrity of many that have stooped to the level of the media. Cyrus has exposed her bare body to the world of media in hopes of capturing the attention of others.

Music videos in today’s society continuously portray women as sex objects. They are not taken as human beings.

With this message being streamed through the media, how are young girls going to act? Men do not seem to notice the brain that the women possesses but the body in which they have.

Girls are now being born into a world where they have no gender equality. They grow up to become insecure and pressured to look and act a certain way.

With all of these viewpoints on gender equality in today’s society, how can people have the courage to stand up for women?

In filibustercartoons.com, there is an article  called, “Female World Leaders Currently in Power” where it published a map of the world and its female leaders.

The light pink are places in the world with acting female leaders and in the dark pink areas are full term female leaders of state or government.

As the map clearly shows, the U.S has had no women in much power of the country. This gets people wondering, when will the U.S change its views on gender equality.

In 2011, Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s film, Miss Representation, was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The film featured several people talking about the challenges that limit women in the media on a daily basis.

There is also a movement named The Representation Project that uses film and media content to expose the injustice between the genders. This movement tries to bring self-awareness to the ugly truth of gender injustice that the world faces.

Although there is a movement to bring gender equality and films to bring awareness, there are but few women that have become people to role model after. This is the time where women need to step up and show themselves for what they are worth.

But when will society call it enough?

What happened to the time where leaving stuff to the imagination was the norm?

When will women be taken seriously?

When will it be time when women become recognized as an equal of men?