Kiwanis Luncheon

“When you come to be my age, survival is number one,” Richard said laughingly.

Richard was one of several elderly people that I had the pleasure on meeting Wednesday, November 20.

Lane Tech, once again, hosted a Kiwanis Luncheon. Kiwanis is an international coeducational service organization that fund Key Club as well as Builder’s club and Kiwanis Kids for the youth and Circle K and Aktion club for adults.

Key Club officers, as like myself, were signed out of class periods for the day and were able to talk to just some of the great people that give us the opportunity to serve the community.

As a small group, our Key Club members went around introducing ourselves before we served lunch. By doing this, I had the pleasure of meeting Richard. This man was well along his years and happy as any man could be. He had so much humor within him and was constantly promoting the advantages of being a part of Key Club.

Having been in the Civics Room, waiting for the food to heat up, I also met Bob, a man that was also in love with service and very dedicated to his work.

Every Wednesday, Bob would buy meat on the North side of Chicago and drive all the way down to the South side to give the meat to a homeless shelter. This was something that he had already been doing for several years and seemed to never get tired of it. Throughout our whole conversation, Bob kept a warm smile on his face.

That day was not only the day that I met some very great people, but it was also the day that I learned about the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade. This year the Parade will take place on the 1st of December. The overall event usually takes up to five hours and they travel over 20 miles on Western Avenue riding on a motorcycle with a stuff toy on the front of the bike. This year will be the 31st year of the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade.

Seeing these men and women  that were in their older years already and learning several new projects that Kiwanis takes part of, gave me the inspiration to continue on with my community service. This is not something that we do for ourselves, but it is to help out the community in any humanly way possible. 

I see myself in their shoes several years from now, talking to teenagers and encouraging them to someday join the organization that dedicates its time to “changing the world, one child and one community at a time”; Kiwanis.


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