Engineering being brought to the classroom

   Living in the twenty-first century has become competitive in the work field. Education seems to have gotten at its highest in hopes to gain knowledge of the never ending advancements of today’s technology.
   With technology growing every day, engineering has become a daily routine in some of the physics classrooms of Lane.
   “A lot of the jobs now a days are highly technical and in high technical fields. Without skills involved in engineering, you are not competitive in those markets,” said Ms Finchum, Honors and Alpha Physics teacher at Lane.
   According to an article on, named Engineering futures are always  bright,  it stated that “Seven of the top ten highest paid college degrees are in engineering.”
   According to another article on, named Seven occupations with the highest hiring demand, engineer was brought up twice and technology was in more than half the occupations listed.
   With the results from both articles mentioned and several other articles online,  it is safe to say that education amongst these topics are most needed to become successful.
   Along with the want of student’s success in a fast paced, technological world of today, Finchum also believes that by incorporating the engineering sciences, a student will show his or her way of thinking.
   “Engineering builds critical and divergent thinking skills which is, above all, a skill that [the students] need to have by the time they leave high school,”  Finchum said.
   Thus far in her physics class, she has had the students create a mouse trap catapult out of the materials that she, herself, has provided to teach the students about projectile motion.
   In the future she plans to continue enforcing engineering by building mini hydro electro generators to study magnetism and build photo voltaic cells. Finchum also plans on having her physics students design and make a sports shoe that will minimize or maximize friction depending on a specific sport.
   One of the things that Finchum most looks for in students is the need to stay active in a classroom so that the students will not become disinterested.
   “[Engineering] keeps the students engaged,” Finchum said. “A lot of the students, especially now, have a lot of trouble just sitting and taking notes.”
   Finchum’s ultimate goal for the students is to not only gain knowledge and understanding of the subject on physics, but to also enjoy the moments of learning.
   “If we have fun in class and we have a good day together then it is worth it, ” Finchum said.

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