May the Dance Moves be Ever in Your Favor

Club days at Lane have come and gone and the process of tryouts has begun. Many students are seeking the dates, the times and locations of the meetings to try and make it in the ethnic group in hopes that by the end of the school year, they may participate in International Days and Nights.

International week is the three day event that occurs at Lane where all ethnic groups come together and perform their traditional or modern dances.

“Lane is so amazingly diverse and its great to teach everyone about our ethnicity, traditions, and cultures. It’s important to share everyone’s individual background because it creates awareness throughout the whole school,” said Korynna Pepin, Div 479 and president of Aspira.

Melissa Stebbins, Div 481 and president of German Club, also emphasizes the importance of being a part of an ethnic club and shares her outcome in participating in a club.

“With all of the time you spend together, you make so many good friends,” Stebbins said. “I’m even dating someone that I became close with through German club. It’s just a ton of fun to get to know people and dance for three days straight.”

For the past week Lane’s hallways have been very crowded and busy as many students tried to pursue their dreams in becoming part of Lane’s cultural dancing clubs. Aspira, alone got an average of 50 students to try out near the lunchroom area. Lithuanian club had an average of forty try out by staircase M on the second floor. German club also got around forty students trying out by the main office area.

Among these students, Leanna Mata, Div 476, will be trying out for the German and Pakistani club in hopes that she will get in to at least one of them.

“I’m so scared,” Mata said as she walked into class and sat in her seat. “It’s nerve wrecking because there’s limited spots.”

Although many students try their hardest to make it in the club, not all students get accepted. Onix Nava, Div 669, tried out for El Salvadorian club but unfortunately did not make it.

“I was nervous because I wanted to join the club. [It was a chance] to meet new people and be in International Nights,” Nava said. “It went better than I thought though and I had fun.”

With several clubs that are offered at Lane, it is easy for any group to become competitive.

“I definitely believe that there is a friendly competition among the other Hispanic clubs,” Pepin said. “We all have similar music and dance genres so it creates a challenge to stand out. I love it because it makes us all work harder to improve as dancers.”

German club on the other hand wishes to exceed last year’s performance in hopes that the club be respected.

“We’re trying to be equal,” Stebbins said. “German club is always taken as a joke and last year was the first year we’ve actually felt equal to the other European clubs. We are reinventing ourselves this year.”

With the tryouts this week and the want to become recognized and respected, Lane’s students and audience will be awaiting the end of the year where these clubs will come together again and show off what their progress has been. But for now, students will continue to seek the place, the club, where they belong.


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