Field Trips in High School Do Not Exist

Taking a break from school is always something to look forward to. I remember in elementary school I was constantly taking field trips with my class.

As a class, we went to the zoo to learn about the different animals, in December, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry to learn about the Christmas trees decorated to represent cultures around the world. I even remember a time that i went to Navy Pier and took a boat tour. After having gone through the sea sickness, I remember we went into the Imax theater to watch The Polar Express.

Now, as a high school student, I find myself in the same classrooms every day in a duration of a school year. I get lucky if my class goes outside the doors to the parking lot of my school for my science class to test out some experiments. Besides that, I can not seem to escape the walls that I will forever feel like I’m trapped into. I love attending school, but sometimes I would like to take a break from the everyday life that I’m so accustomed to and go back to my younger years to take those field trips.

Besides having a break from my classes, what I liked about field trips was the real life application that the field trips tried to emphasize. It Is always great to learn the concept in the classroom but I believe that students can also learn from the trips that applied those concepts and creat a master piece from it. In eighth grade, my class took an overnight trip to Washington D.C. and we learned about World War II and the Holocaust. When we walked through the Holocaust museum, it was as if all that I learned became real. It was no longer information that I needed for class, they were real life situations that taught everyone the power of discrimination.

In my opinion, it is very unfortunate that most high schools, or maybe its just my high school, that do not use field trips to emphasize what we learn. At Lane, there are a few classes offered where they take field trips to represent what we learn. Taking Journalism II, I have already had the opportunity to attend a journalism seminar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and learn many new things through different workshops during a school day.

Later in the school year, I know that my physics class will take a trip to Six Flags where we will apply our understanding of kinetics: position, velocity, and acceleration. My statistics class will also have their own trip to a Cubs baseball game to calculate the statistics that go along with the game. Field trips are what schools need for a student to feel a sense of relaxation but also to encourage the students to learn during class. I know for a fact that I am looking forward to the field trips later this year, but for now, I will be inside the classroom learning about kinetics, outliers and exponential growth and decay.


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