See You At The Pole.

Waking up at five in the morning to attend a school event or club is always hard to do. But doing it two times in a row becomes torture. The only way that any of this can be any worse is waking up early, and getting to school early only to discover that the meeting had been canceled.

This incident occured to me Tuesday morning as I walked across the Lane lawn on Addison St. to attend the event called See You At The Pole. Having gotten mixed information, it was discovered that the event would occur before school on the last Wednesday of September, just as it had each year previously.

See you at the pole is the gathering of Christian students, of several ages, to meet around the main flagpole and pray for the local high school. See you at the pole is something that has been active since 1990, in the United States, to gather a sort of alliance between the Christian students when they felt persecuted against public schools.

This year, it was my opportunity to participate and I  was determined to attend the event. On wednesday, once again,  I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get to school. But it was well worth it. As I walked across the lawn, I began to see a small group of students gathered in front of the main flag pole on the campus. Although it was a group of less than 20 people out of the 4,000 students that attend Lane, it truly represented the dedication that these students have. What was unique about this gathering was that not every student came from the Christian club or Younglife, another type of social Christian group. Some of the people that showed up were not even students. A couple of teachers from Lane came to support the kids that had taken time out of their life to pray for the entire school.

This year, See you at the Pole began with Edwin Vega speaking openly about his strong faith in God. As he spoke, he was not afraid to rephrase parts of the bible to support what he believed was essential to have in one’s life.

“Keep everyone accountable,” Vega said. “Getting up at four, five o’clock in the morning just to come here, it was a sacrifice. And as a senior, I’m looking to have a relationship especially with the freshmen and sophomores because I want someone to take my place, to be better than me and by building relationships, we will lead one another to the kingdom of God.”

After Vega had given his little speech, we all began to pray for Lane. We prayed for the great weather that God had provided for us that morning. And we prayed for all the people that refuse God and those that struggle with personal issues.

Having gone through this event, and listening to each person’s prayers toward the school, gave me the inspiration to continue seeking the different areas in the school that we are constantly overlooking. See you at the pole only occurs once a year and I cannot wait to discover what else that the big school of Lane has to offer.


Meet Reporter: Bianca I. Mena

My name is Bianca Ivette Mena. I am a 17 year old teenage Latina from the south side of Chicago. I’m a high school journalist trying to get my name noticed in the hundreds of people living in the windy city. Currently, I hold positions for Features and Online editor for The Warrior newspaper staff at Lane Tech High School. I am the second of five children and I aspire to become a social worker some day. I am strongly involved in Young Life, a Christian youth group, and Key club, a community service group. I am a big Harry Potter fan and enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty reruns on the tv. I have never been into sports nor politics but I love being up to date on everything that is going on around the world. I love writing and reading feature stories that will catch the reader’s attention and hopefully change the lives of the readers.